The research team is planning an international symposium on forgetfulness on March 2-4, 2023, at Stockholm University of the Arts, Department of Opera. Invited speakers are among others, Freya Bailes (Associate Professor in Music Psychology at University of Leeds), Christian Wolff (Composer), Marcia Cavalcante Schuback (Professor in Philosophy at Södertörn University), Rögnvaldur Ingthorsson (Associate Professor in Philosophy at Helsinki University), Katt Hernandez (PhD-candidate, Lund University), and Toby Kassell (Choreographer and Dancer). The research team will also perform their continually recreated piece of music and present their research thus far in the project. Moderator for the symposium is Annette Arlander. In addition to the lectures and workshops held by the invited speakers, the ensemble Songs from Haidari  (Anna Lindal, Eva Lindal, Mats Persson, and Nils Claesson), and Reading Music, Sappho - fragment (Henrik Olsson, Johan Arrias, Lisa Ullén, and Magnus William-Olsson) will perform.

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In contemporary civilization where everything is standardized and where everything is repeated, the whole point is to forget in the space between an object and its duplication. If we didn't have this power of forgetfulness, if art today didn't help us to forget, we would be submerged, drowned under those avalanches of rigorously identical objects (For the Birds, 1981).  -John Cage