1. Play something

2. Play it again but don't play (be silent) what you're not completely sure that you remember

3. Play it again but only play when (in a perceived timeline of what you played before) you're not sure that you remember

4. Accept that memory is subjective and corrupt. Choose x very specific criteria and be very strict about remembering those (as if they were a written score) but feel free to change everything else. The criteria and number of criteria can be changed to try out different things and see if they have different outcome

In contemporary civilization where everything is standardized and where everything is repeated, the whole point is to forget in the space between an object and its duplication. If we didn't have this power of forgetfulness, if art today didn't help us to forget, we would be submerged, drowned under those avalanches of rigorously identical objects (For the Birds, 1981).  -John Cage